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You can find… Etoro Bitcoin Adresse…how do you actually buy and sell stocks i’ll be walking through the platform for those of you who are beginners whether you decide to use it or not a lot of these terms will be the same but we believe that ethero has a lot of very cool features that you can use and we’ll go through each one of it i’ll be showing the screen of my laptop here where it’s our account but before that we have to check all right so you guys can look at how the dashboard looks like here we don’t actually have a hundred and twelve thousand dollars in our account and we only wish we did if you want to use the virtual account ether will also give you a hundred thousand dollars to play around with but of course you can’t withdraw this money it’s not real we can really just test out the platform and try to see whether it’s good for you if you want to sign up with you can use our link down in the description below and it’ll really help out the channel anyway let’s get started when we first look at the platform there’s this thing called a watchlish a watch list is basically a list of stocks that we want to see what the movement of the prices are but we don’t necessarily want to buy it right now so let’s create a watch list right now just for this video we’ll call it tmf youtube guide you create this watch list and there you go empty we can put in whatever we want so let’s go add markets i’ll go to stocks go to exchange nasdaq and you see a list of all the stocks that are on the nasdaq which is the u.s stock market so let’s say i want to look at apple google facebook microsoft and amazon these are five of the biggest stocks in the whole u.s stock market once i’m done let’s just close it off here and you’ll see i have all five of these in my watch list i don’t own them yet but these are stocks that i really want to consider buying in the future so we can look at the apple stock right here the price move 0.19 cents yesterday and in percentage-wise it was 0.16 percent we have an option to either sell or buy which i’ll go through a bit more later on on the you can also click on the apple uh picture and i’ll bring you to an overview of what this stock is all about the first thing that it shows is a feed a feed is basically something that tries to replicate facebook with where it’s trying to be a social trading platform this means that whoever posts about apple you can see but all just thoughts around here so let’s say we can go through adored from france posted something about apple this is about the apple time flies event and little miss a posted about market summary which included apple and one of her hashtags in a way anyway when we go back up you can see here that the market is closed so we’re recording in noon malaysian time and the u.s stock market only app opens at 9 30 pm and opens all the way until 4 30 a.m every single work day so because it’s only 1 45 pm now the markets are closed and any orders that we place won’t get going go through other than the feed we can also go through the stats part of apple which i think is a super interesting thing that that actually put in on the platform over here you can go through some of the financials of this stock for example you can see where they closed previously where they traded in a day where they traded in the last one year how much volume is being traded and the one year return of apple with an amazing 110 we can also see that apple is now worth 2 000 billion dollars which is actually 2 trillion dollars so apple was the first stock in the whole world actually no in the u.s to hit two trillion dollars in market cap you can also take a look at their p e ratios their revenue of 273 billion dollars their eps and of course the dividends for those of you who don’t know apple actually pays dividends by a very low amount of 0.56 percent you can also go through their financial summaries shows us their income statements so basically how much they mean in revenue versus how much they made in net income which is profits you can take a look at their balance sheet and you can even look at their cash flow statements so these are actually the three main things that we look at in the stocks financials and it’s all condensed into the platform other than the financial part you can also have a profile of apple where basically writes up a bit about why apple shares are considered an attractive investment and why someone would probably want to invest in apple you can go through this and they actually have something like this for a lot of stocks especially

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35 analysts have a price target of 120 dollars and 15 cents which is roughly 3.99 higher than when it’s trading today the lowest estimate which is the most bearish analyst thinks that apple stock will trade at only 66 dollars and the highest estimate meaning the most bullish analyst since the apple will trade at 150 dollars down here you can look at who these analysts are so for example aaron raikus from wells fargo thinks it’s a buy and he put a 140 price target you can even click here to go to the article on why he said that he has this target this actually very interesting because all these analysts has a rating by tip ranks meaning if they always put out that apple stock will go down 50 in the next one year and the price doesn’t really happen you’ll actually get a low rating meaning we can’t really trust this guy this is something cool but again it’s just for your information it’s part of your entire analysis and you shouldn’t be following these guys just based on what they say as if analysts estimates weren’t enough also shows you hedge fund activity meaning companies like berkshire hathaway like goldman sachs buying into stock of apple so you can go through this graph here which basically shows the hedge funds have been buying a lot of apple stock since quarter 2 2018 till now when you scroll down lower again you can also see that um based on average these hedge funds have a positive sentiment of apple in the second quarter of 2020 and if you want to see who these guys are of course the biggest shareholder in apple is warren buffett he didn’t do anything in quarter two by dude but he does hold 89 billion dollars worth of apple stock here you can also see that ken fisher from fisher asset management added a two percent position and prime cap management reduced the position by around two percent as well this again is super interesting information it’s very in-depth and it’s not easy to find but ethero has all of this on the platform i haven’t found another broker with this amount of research in it other than a few which i’ve actually used before other than analyst and hedge fund another thing that is very interesting to a lot of investors is basically insider transactions which is basically people who are working in the company itself buying or selling shares of a stock so you can see here in around march of 2020 a lot of people working in apple actually bought a lot of the stock because they knew that the price was too low they know the value of the company they know what they’re going to launch they know what the iphone 12 is going to look like or the apple watch se but we don’t know so this is a very good indicator of whether a stock price is going to go up or down in the future because if you see that the ceo is selling off all of his stock why would you buy it however again we shouldn’t just look at this because there’s a whole host of different reasons that people buy and sell stocks for example people like tim cook don’t actually get a very high salary from apple because he gets a lot of stocks instead so if he wants to buy his 500 million dollar house he will of course have to fund it through selling some of these stocks when we scroll down a bit more we can see timothy cook which is basically the ceo and director of apple what has done recently so you can see on the 25th of august he sold 148 million dollars worth of shares and another one with 131 million dollars worth of shares i wonder what he was buying but that’s a lot of money anyway this is part of the research tab and i think it’s so much information it’ll be so helpful and it’s very easy to digest as well even if you’re a beginner that is part of why i really like using as a platform for myself anyway let’s say we’ve gone through all of these tabs and we believe apple is going to go up i love apple it’s going to be a 10 trillion dollar company one day i want to buy it so this is why i made this video how do you actually buy shares of apple so on ethero there’s this trade a big blue trade button here just click it and a tab will come out at the top you can see there are two options buy and sell buying is when you believe that the shares of apple price is going to go up in the future so let’s say now it’s 115 you think in one year it’d be 150 so you want to buy the shares now selling is actually the opposite of buy it’s shorting the stock you believe that 115


market because it’s very risky and stocks generally go up anyway let’s go back to buy and you can see this part here about setting rates when you see this there’s two options basically at market or setting a price at other brokers they call this a market order or limit order so you press market this is a market order what this means is that i want apple stock as soon as possible as soon as the market opens tonight i want ito to execute this trade and i want to own apple shares however the thing about this is that the price is not guaranteed if apple opens at 150 tonight i’ll still buy the shares but i’ll buy it at a way higher price and i’ll get it immediately on the other hand a limit order is you basically telling that hey i want to buy apple stock but i don’t think that 115 is reasonable i only want to pay a hundred and ten dollars for this what this means is that if the market opens at 150 tonight you won’t get any shares of apple and you’ll only get it once the price hits 110 so this is the difference a market order is for those of you who want the stock immediately and don’t care what price you pay well a limit order is for those of you who have a price in mind that you’re willing to pay for and you don’t mind waiting for it once you’ve decided whether you want a market or a limit order and you’ve set your price it’s time to set your amount how much money


So many different products available and probably one of the widest product ranges i have seen on any investment platform here in the uk so they have cfds forex real stocks etfs and also cryptocurrencies all in one place so really great if you are more of a diverse investor now i had never invested in cfds until i started trading on the platform and there is a reason for that so Obviously at the top of every investment platform that you see there’s always a warning about cfds and how risky they are and how percentage-wise how much people can lose by investing in them so i just stayed clear because i’m a really safe investor i like to think so when i started trading on however i did use that copy trader function and a lot of copy traders do use cfds as

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i use it very very rarely so most of the times you want to use one times leverage and then you can hold on and just own what you put in money here you can put a stop loss meaning at what price do you want to tell to sell your apple shares let’s say you’ve put in 10 000 worth of money in apple but if this value drops down to eight thousand dollars i wanna tell that hey sell this stock i can’t bear losing more than two thousand dollars so put this in here so the stop-loss portion is basically how much you’re willing to lose from this investment so we see here that we put ten thousand dollars in and we’re willing to lose eight thousand dollars so basically if you’ve lost more than eight thousand dollars will automatically sell a position without having us to do anything in this case i have a limit of around two thousand dollars let’s say so i put it as two thousand dollars take profit on the other hand is the opposite of it once this ten thousand dollars hits twenty thousand i’m ready to sell my position and i don’t have to tell because it will execute immediately if you don’t want this option and you want to hold it forever you can also press this button here where it’s basically no take profit and only sell once you decide to once everything is set up you can press set order and when you go to your portfolio you can basically see that’s in this type here which is your pending orders so like i mentioned because the market is closed this will actually not go through until it opens at 9 30 pm every single weekday so anyway i’m just gonna cancel this because it doesn’t really matter to go through an example i’ll actually show you an asset that trades 24 7 so you can go through live of how it works and of course one of the only assets that starts that is bitcoin so i’ll type in bitcoin you can also buy bitcoin which is good because you can have so many different assets on just one platform so once we’re ready we’ll j


200 to do this and you can pick from so many different profiles that they have on the website honestly if you click on the copy trader function button on the left hand side of the platform you can see all the different portfolios of the different copy traders out there and there are thousands i mean tens of thousands of portfolios so not only can you see what their Portfolios consist of but you can also see their risk rating that  gives them based on the copy trades that they have made to date and they also do update this every single month based on what the copy trader changes they make so it’s really interesting to see what rating they have and you can also see how many other people are copying that trader so it’s very interesting to compare trader to trader


and i want to put five thousand dollars in i’m gonna use one times leverage because i listen to my own advice i won’t be boring on margin just to buy bitcoin now that i’ve set my leverage i’m going to my stop-loss portion and basically right now i’m buying at around 10 848 i don’t want if bitcoin drops to eight thousand dollars i want to automatically sell my position because i can’t stomach losing so much money at eight thousand dollars i’ll lose roughly one thousand three hundred dollars for my five thousand dollar investment once i’ve said this i’ll just press open trade and you can see that buy bitcoin position has already been opened when i go to my portfolio tab you can see right here to show you an example of a limit order i’ll go to bitcoin again but instead of trade i’ll go for order this time and let’s say it’s at ten thousand eight hundred now if i put ten thousand dollars exact same thing i’ll set the order and i’ll show you that it says here it’s a pending order it’s because either oh is waiting for the price of bitcoin to drop from 10 820 to 10 000 before executing it so you can see it here in our pending transactions it hasn’t executed it’s waiting for the right price anyway i’ll just cancel this and i’ll show you how do i sell the stock once i’m ready so let’s say i’ve been owning bitcoin for the last five years and i’ve lost 38 or 0.77 i don’t believe in bitcoin anymore i just don’t think that it’s a good investment and i want to sell it so what do you do to be very very clear to all of you and to make sure that you know what you’re doing with what you shouldn’t be doing is typing in bitcoin typing trade and pressing sell that’s not how it works like i mentioned sell is you shorting the asset meaning opening a new position and betting against bitcoin what you do instead is you press this spanner looking thing here and you close trade i want to close all my trades and close that’s how


an example i’ll go to my friend’s account which is kalimdister so this is actually a good friend of mine and he is trying to be a popular investor so again you can see here his feed he tells about his half year performance how he’s got 35 return from march to august and the likes we can look at his stats so basically we see that he’s been positive all around except september when he’s down negative six percent right now still in total he’s up 27 so let’s say i’m happy with this i just want to look at what he’s investing in right now so it looks like he’s investing in a lot of these um biomed stocks basic companies who are trying to create vaccines for kovit 19. so moderna estrada biogen and likes anyway let’s say i’m super happy with them. Etoro Bitcoin Adresse

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